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Tu Hsiao Yueh (Taipei: east district)

By in 10: Taipei

du xiao yueOne specialty dish one’s got to try in Taiwan is Tan Tsai noodle, a Taiwanese specialty originated from Tainan (Southern Taiwan). We went to Tu Hsiao Yueh, a famous restaurant that’s been around for more 100 years specializes in this noodle. The branch we went to was located in the happening “east district” neighbourhood with nice decor and sit-down tables. Though it was very crowded so we had to share a big table with other people. At the entrance there’s an “open kitchen” area showing you how they make the noodle (or mimic how it used to be when it was just a food stall off the street).

We got a set menu that came with two bowls of Tan Tsai noodle, 6 small plates and 2 desserts.

du xiao yue
Tainan Tan Tsai Noodles – soup noodle with bean sprouts, shallots, cilantro, vinegar garlic sauce, and is topped with braised and minced pork and fresh shrimp.
It’s simple but delicious! No doubt a great comfort food dish. I liked the minced pork and the texture of the noodle was great.

The set menu came with these small dishes:
du xiao yuedu xiao yue
small clam and asparagus with shrimp

du xiao yue
Fried egg tofu. Good crispy texture and the egg tofu was very soft.

du xiao yuedu xiao yue
Fried fish cakes and grill Milkfish. The grill fish was quite bland. The fish cakes were pretty good.

du xiao yueFor dessert you have the choice of almond tofu or pumpkin with ice. Kind of like gelato? But it wasn’t sweet and the texture was rough and you could taste the ice. Probably should have pick the almond tofu.

It was 700 NT for the whole set for two people, which is about $20 in USD. A reasonably priced meal. And like most restaurant in Taipei, you don’t need to pay tip as it’s included already. It felt great to pay exactly what it says on the menu.

Tu Hsiao Yueh (Branch at Zhongxiao Dunhua Metro stop)
No 12, Alley 8, Lane 216, Sec 4, Chung Hsiao East Road
There’re 2 other locations in Taipei, one in Yongkang street, the other in Zhongshan.

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2 Responses to “Tu Hsiao Yueh (Taipei: east district)”

  1. tomoko says:

    looks like a perfectly balanced, nice meal! ^0^
    the noodle itself must be so good, they make it themselves!!

  2. sakona says:

    omg i love those clams! Haven’t had them for a while.