January 25, 2010 3

Street food (part 1)

By in 10: Taipei

Before we had the chance to go to the famous Shilin Night market (entry coming soon), we’ve already been sampling the signature Taiwanese street food here and there because they are easy to find in all the happening area.

street food near Bao-an temple

After sightseeing at the Confucius Temple and Bao-An Temple, we were glad to spot the many street food vendors right next to them because we were hungry and thirsty.

street food near Bao-an temple

We got the regular Taiwanese sausage. Good! The white one is “sticky rice sausage”.

IMG_1520street food near Bao-an temple

This Green Onion cake was incredibly delicious! I was quite surprised how good it was. It’s juicy inside and very flavorful. It warmed us up well.

Then while we were at Danshui, I saw this cute food stall that sells all kind of fried things on a stick. I got the fried Octopus balls. Great cripsy texture and the Octopus ball got good springy texture.

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3 Responses to “Street food (part 1)”

  1. stuffycheaks says:

    This looks amazing esp the green onion pancake. thanks for sharing

  2. KennyT says:

    This post makes me miss Taiwan more!

  3. Jenny K says:

    I grew up in Shilin Market area and my relatives still live close by there..can’t wait to go back again!! Hope you had fun eating in Taiwan!!