January 25, 2010 1

Hizenya (Taipei: Zhongshan)

By in 10: Taipei

There’s an extremely popular Japanese restaurant called Hizenya near our hotel that specializes in Unagi rice bowl. Apparently Taiwan is one of the biggest Unagi exports for Japan and this place is famous for fresh and quality freshwater eels. It’s very cheap too (about $4-6 a bowl, depends on the size), perhaps that’s why it’s so crowded. We waited in queue for 20 minutes or more and there’re tons more people behind us.

Unagi rice bowl – The Unagi was pretty damn good. The fish was meaty and the sauce was good.

Overal It was good but not sure it’s 30 minute waiting good. However no doubt it was a satisfying and value meal.

Hizenya 肥前屋
13, Lane 121, Zhongshan North Rd. Section 1, Taipei City

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One Response to “Hizenya (Taipei: Zhongshan)”

  1. Eleana says:

    I’m glad you went here – I go every single time I go to Taiwan! They also specialize in grilled eel innards, and egg pancakes but I don’t know if you got a chance to try those …