June 15, 2005 5

Yoshida (San Marino)

By in 02: Pasadena

DSC04249.jpgDSC04253.jpgMaybe it’s June’s gray stuffy weather, we’ve been craving sushi lately. Joan went back to Ike sushi almost every other day. We finally tried Yoshida nearby our house. It is great! Uni and Toro~~ Fresh and delicious~ On the right they are Scallop with Mayo (really good), and our must-have stable orders: Ikura and Masago.

DSC04254.jpgDSC04255.jpgUnlike Ike sushi that only do simple cut, Yoshida is like most gaijin-friendly sushi bar in LA that has more fancy ‘Rainbow roll” kind of sushi. We prefer simple sashimi. So we got sashimi cut of Yellow Tail and Salmon. HEAVEN!!!

DSC04260.jpgDSC04258.jpgDSC04246.jpgWe ordered steamed eggs but the waitress forgot to put in an order, so she made it up by giving us free mochi icecream dessert. 😀 We had plum wine, they look like champagne in champagne glasses.

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5 Responses to “Yoshida (San Marino)”

  1. seat says:

    Golden yellow of uni~~~mouth-watering~~~~Scallop is really sweet and nice to eat raw, isn’t it??

    I will be going to a sushi place (hopefully) this weekend too, MUST HAVE UNI!!

  2. Freda says:

    Yeah, never liked cooked scallop but damn they’re sooo good raw~~~ (actually I never like any fish and seafood, except when they’re raw..haha)

  3. Joan says:

    Yeah yeah go go to have sushi, you never had a sushi entry!

  4. seat says:

    So true…not a single sushi entry at all!! ^^;;;;;

  5. seat says:

    Oh wait, I do have one entry of sushi…the really bad sushi place I went in HK!! ^^;;;;;