June 12, 2005 8

Ike Sushi (Hollywood)

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DSC04196.jpgDSC04197.jpgDSC04194.jpgMy friend took me to this small authentic “honest” sushi place which located in a ghetto strip-mall on Hollywood blvd. The place gets really crowded at night. They only do traditional sushi, it’s very good and fresh! We are soooo addicted to the Uni sushi! The uni taste sooo fresh and heavenly, I can’t get enough. The yellow tail sashimi is really good too. I went back there 2 more times already.

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8 Responses to “Ike Sushi (Hollywood)”

  1. tomoko says:

    uni’s my favorite, too!
    I haven’t had a single authentic sushi since being back in japan.
    shame on me!

  2. seat says:

    YEAAAAAAAAH!!! I LOVE UNI TOO!!! It looks really good in the pics! The ikura too!!
    tomoko, can you eat sushii?? If you don’t add soya sauce it should be alright??!

  3. tomoko says:

    oh, basically I can eat anything as long as it doesn’t have food additives/preservatives/pesticides, etc.

    I’m just allergic to the chemicals, but I’m not allergic to food per se. hahaha
    took so long to figure this out though! ^_^;

  4. Joan says:

    hey tomoko, a friend feels headache from cellphones and computers too. So he got a bluetooth wireless ear piece for his cellphone and it works out really well, he doesn’t get headache from that anymore. You should try it!!

    Is there organic market like Whole food in Tokyo?

  5. tomoko says:

    wow, so bluetooth doesn’t give out radio-magetic waves?! never would have guessed!
    I got the normal earphones for my cell, but I still get earaches, so I’ll definitely try it out!

  6. tomoko says:

    btw how does he deal w/ computers?
    I still get nausceous. ;_;

    yeah, I researched on natural food stores and settled on this vegetable delivery company.

    they also have a restaurant, which seat and I are planning to go to♪

  7. seat says:

    Non-chemicals organic is getting popular in Tokyo it seems.

    Yeah, let’s go for sushi!!! Why I never thought of that before?!!!!! ^^;;;;;;

  8. Joan says:

    I don’t think there’s a solution to computers yet 🙁

    LA (especially the west side area) is very organic/healthy concern now. I used to get stomach from drinking milk, now I switch to orangic milk and it doesn’t mess up my stomach, and it taste better!