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Sweet for the Soul (Atwater Village)

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There’s a sweet shop down few stores by Viet Noodle bar but it’s never open, perhaps because I’m always there on a Sunday. Finally we went to Atwater Village on a Saturday and viola, it’s opened!

Sweet for the soul

Sweet For the Soul sell gourmet brownies and other local handmade desserts like cookies and ice cream. It’s very small inside with just 2 tables. It has a very local vibe where everyone seems to know each other.

sweet for the soul

We tried the gourmet Flourless Double Chocolate brownie. It’s made with Valrhona chocolate, a luxury French chocolate brand. It was very good. Fresh, moist and very rich! Bonus that it’s gluten-free.

sweet for the soul
sweet for the soulThey sell these local handmade ice-cream which came with lots of interesting flavors. I got the Mint cacao nib. I like that it tells you the very few and basic ingredients that were used to make the ice-cream as that’s how ice-cream should be. The ice-cream was incredibly delicious! It’s so creamy and silky, not too sweet and the cacao nibs were tasty. I love it very much.The portion was a little small though.

Since everything is local handmade and fine ingredients were used, the sweets weren’t cheap. The small ice-cream cost $3 and brownie was $3.75. I think they’re worth it though.

I read on yelp that they should be open on Sunday now too.

Sweet for the Soul
3169 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 668-9338

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