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Flying Pig Truck

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Flying pigFlying pig
More food truck! The Flying Pig truck sounds interesting as the people behind it are Le Cordon Bleu-trained and the food they sell is what they called “Asian & Pacific rim flavors with French technique”. A quick look at the menu shows they sell Gua bao and creative fusion tacos. Gua Bao, or known as “Taiwanese burger”, is a traditional Taiwanese snack that has became quite popular in New York according to Freda who visited there 2 months ago. Will Flying Pig bring this trend to LA?

Flying pig

Braised pork belly bun with red onion escabeche, sesame cucumber. $3 This is their star item. They call it bun but it’s actually gua bao. It’s very delicious! The braised pork belly is very tender and flavorful. It’s a good renedition of the traditional Taiwanese gua boa.

Flying pig

Tamarind duck tacos with toasted almond, pickled beet salad $2.50
Other than Gua bao they have a very interesting fusion taco menu. I picked the duck one as it sound good. I was quite surprised at how gourmet it taste! The shredded duck was tasty and there’re so many different flavors: mild sweetness from the beets and nice touch of acidity from the mandarin orange.

I can’t wait to try other stuffs on the menu. Very good food and they definitely stand apart from many other food trucks out there. Highly recommended to track it down!

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3 Responses to “Flying Pig Truck”

  1. Marie says:

    Ooh, I saw their truck the other night and had never heard of them. Interesting! So, so many food truck options these days…

  2. Michelle says:

    ohh…. hey you two! i love your site.
    i just came across it after moving to LA.
    I’m a big food person and would love to get some suggestions for a start up on eating LA.
    I eat everything and anything and am looking for things to just enjoy and eat good quality food without the hefty price!!

    anyway, suggestions that stand out? I’d love you two to come to my families restaurant too!!!!


    p.s i’m looking for a good breakfast place, somewhere for buffet brunch and everything else that is a must eat in Los angeles according to potato mato!!! yummmm…:)

  3. tomoko says:

    whoa, Le Cordon Bleu trained food truck…
    sounds so high class, funny contrast to the cute name!!