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Ludo Truck

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It’s a pity I’ve never managed to try any of the restaurants Chef Ludovic Lefebvre worked at before (i.e. L’Orangerie, Bastide) but I’ve heard of his reputation and have seen him on Top chef Masters/Iron chef. We also missed all the LudoBites pop up events due to my busy schedule this year. At least we managed to try LudoTruck, a gourmet fried chicken truck. It’s interesting that an acclaimed chef decide to do fried chicken food truck! How tasty can fried chicken be right?


Look there’s Ludo right there (guy on the right)! Good to see that he actually oversee the truck in person.

The Strawberry-Watermelon was refreshing and good.

Honey-Glazed Garlic Wings
Delicious! Skin is crispy and I love how light the batter was. Love the honey glaze too, perfectly sweet.

Provencal Pepitte – Juicy boneless chicken balls prepared over three days. Infused with rosemary and herbs de provence.
I love this very much! Juicy and great flavors. They have good textures (spring-y) and love the seasoning.

My co-worker got the Chicken Strips. I’m not a big fan of chicken breast so I would probably not order it. My co-worker likes it and said the meat was moist inside. All the chicken comes with a sauce.

Overall the fried chickens are very good indeed but the portion is quite small. To get full you have to order sides or combo and the prices do add up. For the sides, there are choices of Honey Lavender Biscuits, French fries and Ludo Slaw. I got the slaw which was pretty good but I wish I got the the biscuit instead. I also wish we could choose more than one sauce for the chicken. It’s not cheap for a food truck, so it’s good to go on a day when you feel generous. But I definitely appreciate how good and fresh the food is.

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4 Responses to “Ludo Truck”

  1. Tsz says:

    How much would you say you’ll need to get full at Ludo’s truck?

  2. Joan says:

    It would add up to about $10 or more. For my order of the chicken balls, it’s about $6, then with the addition of fries and the juice, it added up to $10. I wasn’t full and felt like I could eat another serving of chicken, or the biscuit.

  3. stuffycheaks says:

    wow the portions do looks measely. Guess it is gourmet after all

  4. joanh says:

    the portions are really small for the price, but the honey lavender biscuit is SO good! that’s so cool that ludo was on the truck that day!