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Meal by Genet (Little Ethiopia)

By in 11: West LA

Meals by Genet
Had a foodie outing with my friends and we decided on Ethiopian food as it is easy to share with a group. One of my friends recommended Meal by Genet at Little Ethiopia for authentic and gourmet Ethiopian food. The interior is modern and elegant. Our very passionate waiter suggested two chef-choice combo plates so we could try everything except for the trout.

Meals by Genet

Love the neatly folded Injera (thin sponge “crepe” you used as the utensil to pick up the food). I also like that it’s a bit less sour tasting than the ones I had before.

Meals by Genet
Here’s one of the combo plates. The entrees and the sides were beautifully plated on a injera.

On this plates, the entrees are:
(Center) Yebere Siga Tibs: beef sauteed in onions, green chiles and Ethiopian butter
(upper left) Chicken Tibs: chicken sauteed in onions, green chiles and Ethiopian butter
(left) Tofu Tibs: tofu sauteed in onions, green chiles and Ethiopian butter.

I love the sauteed beef, quite intense and rich. It reminded me of  dry curry and I could imagine it go along well on rice!  The Chicken and tofu tibs are flavorful.

Meals by Genet
The entrees on the 2nd plate are:
(Center) Dorowot – spicy chicken stewed in red pepper sauce with Ehtiopian butter
Covered by a Injera at the bottem is the Irutye’s Yebegsiga Alitcha: lamb stewed with garlic.

Both are very excellent and were the highlights for me. I particularly like the lamb stew, the meat was was very tender and the stew was very flavorful.

Meals by Genet
Mamoshye’s Special Kitfo: steak tartare, Ethiopian butter and spices.
This arrives last. An interesting dish, I didn’t expect to see tartar in Ehtiopian food. It’s very rich and perhaps I was getting full by then, I could only eat a bit of it.

Meals by GenetMeals by Genet

We got to try all the sides. They’re all tasty and  my favorites were the Mesir (red lentils) and Alitcha Kik (Yellow Split peas). I was glad for the salads and vegetables to balance off all the rich meat stew.

Overall the food is excellent and more refine tasting than the ones I had before. It was fun to eat all the delicious food with Injera but some part of me wish I could eat all these delicious stew with rice. The injera could fill you up pretty quick too, so go easy on it and only use a little bit for each bite.

Meal by Genet
1053 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019

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2 Responses to “Meal by Genet (Little Ethiopia)”

  1. A visit for some tasty Ethiopian has been long overdue for me, I usually like going to Rahel’s for their heartier teff but I wouldn’t mind lamb in my myriad of dishes 🙂

    thanks for the informative write up

  2. Recipe Clubs says:

    This looks spectacular! Looks like your “passionate waiter” knows what he’s talking about! What was the best of all these dishes? and I agree, it looks like rice would go nicely with all of this
    ~Nancy Lewis~