November 22, 2005 2

Au 97 (Arcadia)

By in 01: San Gabriel

Very good Ginger Milk Tea, very yummy Beef Noodle.
DSC06776.jpgPlaces like this is not blog worthy but to prove our budget eating…^^;; Budget = chinese deli food. ^^;; This local Taiwanese cafe make the best milk tea, and has surprisingly tasty food. The downside is that they blast very annoying Chinese pop songs and it’s a magnet for Asian teenagers. Indeed my guilty pleasure place.

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2 Responses to “Au 97 (Arcadia)”

  1. seat says:

    Problem with deli, they can taste very nice but don’t look good/presentable in pictures~~~. The beef noodles does look very good though!

  2. Freda says:

    exactly…too much deli food I won’t feel like updating blog anymore!!!