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Arrive New York at 6 am…

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DSC07759.jpgI never fly a redeye flight nor been to the Big Apple before. When we arrived at 6 in the morning, we found that the hotel we booked has no empty room at the moment and we cannot check-in until noon. Our sleep deprived gang were desperate for some few hour of sleep before meeting the client in the afternoon. We had breakfast at a nearby cafe (pretty good! Though later I realize even though cafe/deli are populated densely in every block, this cafe’s quality is really pretty darn good compare to some consider its location at a wholesale area…).

DSC07766.jpgSo we crashed at the company’s production branch in Chelsea area. The weather is so bitingly cold that it was impossible to walk for the fragile being we were. The NY office is so artist lofty~ so nice! By the second day I finally got used to the cold and able to walk everywhere by myself. The bathroom walls are painted with grafitti!

The client’s office locates at this bubbly Blade-Runner looking building designed by Peter Max, very 60s and fun~

Empire State Building from my 9th floor hotel window, day and night~ (Would have been great movie advertisement to put a King Kong statue up there right now :D). Our hotel was in the Garment district where we are surrounded by wholesale werehouses. It’s a messy and busy area. I stayed for 3 days 2 nights.

This first time was quite a shock because the weather was abnormally, bitterly cold! And soon we found out that the city is under the pressure of a potential MAJOR subway/bus strike that would have crippled the city in an unimaginable chaos…they threatened to carry it out on late Thursday (which would be my 2nd day). I’ve been following the news as close as I could. The mayor has already planned a emergency plan which would have involved sectioning the entire city into couple zones, and strict rules on a mandatory 4 passengers in each car or else no passing to another zone. There was police in every corner every night, total ready in case the strike happens. Turns out the union was willing to delay their deal until Monday…I hope it won’t come down to such unfortunate result. With subway+bus system already working, the streets of NY are already heavily flooded with people and sanity-challenging traffic jam, cars are already always honking in rage, and getting a taxi is already not that easy. I just can’t imagine what would happen if there’s really a strike…

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6 Responses to “Arrive New York at 6 am…”

  1. seat says:

    King Kong is NZ production(?) so maybe not so easy to put a statue up there. ^^;;
    Lucky the strike was delayed!!

  2. Joan says:

    Freda might go back to NY for 3 weeks for the job~~ gahh~~
    I’m gonna go visit her if that’s the case! Seat if you’re interested…hehe…

  3. Freda says:

    It’s just a 80% thing, not sure yet! XO

  4. tomoko says:

    its pretty cold in Japan right now too but it must be wayway colder in NY!!
    must be cool to work there for 3 weeks ^-^
    you’ll get a taste of living there without having to really move there!

  5. seat says:

    What?! That is great!! 80% is high probability!
    When will you know? 3 weeks is a bit short for a project….no?