July 4, 2006 5

Northern Chinese Restaurant (Alhambra)

By in 01: San Gabriel

I delayed putting this entry up because I accidently delete half of the photos~ 🙁 (and couldn’t recovered them). There were 4 of us, every dishes were big and CHEAP!
Cold Vegetable (just like..salad…? ^^:;) and this Cucumber with tofu and jelly noodle is my absolute favorite. The sauce mustard with soy sauce. The jelly noodle is made from squash (?). What a great treat for summer.
Winter melon and lamb soup, delicious and good for summer. Northern Style Beef Pancake.
DSC00252.jpgSnowflake Potstickers, what a nice touch~

The best dishes was the Stew Pork (lost its picture T__T), it was so incredible, very tender and tasty! To think it was such a huge dish that only cost $5! Another dish’s picture I lost was the Cumin Lamb, also very good~ (a bit musky but the cumin flavor covered it pretty much).

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5 Responses to “Northern Chinese Restaurant (Alhambra)”

  1. seat says:

    Looks so good! Love beef pancake and grilled dumplings!!
    Winter melon and lamb is a rare combination? I have never tried before. Salad in a chinese restaurant…is rare too.

  2. Freda says:

    On the menu there are so many exotic sounding dishes that sound absolutely tempting, like “Fried hawthorne”~~ and the not so tempting ‘fried silkworm” O_o;;;

  3. seat says:

    What is hawthorne??

  4. Freda says:

    hawthorne is …”san ja” (mountain, squeeze), you know those sweet little cone of chips you eat usually with bitter chinese herbal medicine? ^^;;;

    On the menu it’s full of “fake dog meat” and boar too~ and deer~

  5. seat says:

    Oh I know what you are talking about! Wonder how fried sanja will taste like though!