October 21, 2004 2

Blue Marlin, Hurry Curry (Sawtelle)

By in 12: Sawtelle

Dig up some old food pictures that we haven’t post yet, all meshed into one since they’re all from Sawtelle. First, from Blue Marlin:

Salad (the seseme dressing is really yummy) and bread in a cute basket.

Left: Sea Urchin Risotto very good! I’ll come back just to order this again. Right:Tuna Tartar and Vegetables, very yummy.

Next: Hurry Curry of Tokyo. It is in the same plaza with Blue Marlin in Sawtelle.

DSC01016.jpgDSC01026.jpgSome people think their curry suck but some people think they’re good. So we’ve decide to judge for ourselves. Hey at least it’s CHEAP! Tokyo Curry, $6.95. Ground beef with carrot in curry. This is tasty! The curry taste very unique and different (quite un-Curry like ^^;;;).

DSC01021.jpgDSC01022.jpg We substitute c/w salad with soup; Lobster Bisque and Cream Corn. The Lobster Bisque taste too strong.

So my conclusion? It’s not bad for Japanese style curry! Good for cheap causal meal. I think it’s at least better than Curry House (another JP-style curry chain here). Though Blue Marlin‘s curry is better.

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2 Responses to “Blue Marlin, Hurry Curry (Sawtelle)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh my god I want to eat that Urchin risotto!! (*o*) Does it actually have enough urchin taste?? Here they only put a stingy tiny amount because urchin is so expensive!

    The soup looks so thick~~~My general impression of soup in L.A. is thick and floury.

  2. Freda says:

    Yeah the urchin taste is ok amount, would have been better if more though ^^;;