December 10, 2006 2

Brickhouse (Venice)

By in 15: Venice

A bit slow lately (still recovering from the big party dinner last month).
I met with a friend working at the Venice Beach, I always spot this Brickhouse when driving on Abbot Kinney, and it is called “Brickhouse” ^^;;
DSC02328.jpgThe walls are decorated with Bruce Lee film stills. Egg Benedict: Not special tasting but hearty with fresh ingredients. Their Egg Florentine has a ‘famous’ title on the menu…hmm?

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2 Responses to “Brickhouse (Venice)”

  1. Tony Lyman says:

    Quite honestly, the eggs Florentine are not one of my favorites. I’m not one for saucy eggs. But I will tell you, people who have them will come back for them again and again. I appreciate your candor on our cuisine. The negative critiques are the ones we seem to take to heart at the Brickhouse. I won’t say we love them, but it does make us reevaluate ourselves. Thank you for your input and your patronage. Every dollar helps since we are “a bit slow lately”. I am still hoping to recover from that darn dinner party last month. If you have any hangover cures, would you let me know?
    Very Truly Yours, Tony Lyman

  2. Freda says:

    Hi Tony, thanks for your opinion~
    This place must be so great for the locals who live (or work) nearby. I would still like to try their Eggs Florentine.