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Miceli’s (Universal city)

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DSCN9183.jpgDSCN9185.jpgSorry for the lack of update, Freda and I didn’t have the chance to try new restaurants recently (is that even possible? ^^;;). This is an old entry I forgot to put up, a large party of my collegues and I had a wrap party at Miceli’s, a famous family-owned Italian restaurant in Universal City (the original branch in Hollywood open since 1949 ). The kitschy Italian villa paintings on the exterior and interior walls are quite charming.

DSCN9207.jpgLinguini Pescatore (clams, mussels, calamari, Scallops, shrimp & fish). Big portion and lots of ingredients. However, while the broth is on the tasty side it’s not that exceptional nor memorable.

DSCN9186.jpgDSCN9188.jpgMozzarella Marinara and Fired Calamrai. There were at least 12 of us and the pictures of other people’s dishes failed somehow ^^;;; (need a better camera). Well, most of them are just normal looking pasta anyways. The baked dishes seem really good though. Other’s impressive on their food range from excellent to ok.

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3 Responses to “Miceli’s (Universal city)”

  1. seat says:

    Is it because you guys are addicted to natto now, you can’t be bothered to go out to eat? ^^;; I got hooked to natto+ kimchi+ hotspring egg(sold in supermarket) and rice and miso soup for a while, but seems like my stomach can’t handle kimchi everyday…

  2. seat says:

    Yeah it is so difficult to take pictures when you go with a big group and order dishes to share.

  3. Freda says:

    That (Natto), yes, but also had to ‘rest’ awhile, spent way too much money on shopping and getting way to fat…^^;;;

    I once ate 3 meals of korean food (kimchee) for a week and I think I started to smell Kimchi and strong garlic…my stomach just isn’t used to such diet. Maybe take out kimchi, just eat natto alone (or like me, add those Taiwanese dried meat). I’m trying different brands available in market, still more than half brands haven’t try yet, but I like the one that has “radish flavor” and another one with hokkaido seaweed~