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Tasty Garden (Arcadia)

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Another last week entry before vacation report!

This Hong Kong style ‘tea restaurant’ (a type of eclectic mix of Chinese + Western + fast food + snacks + entrees + anything goes cafe, the menu is usually like nouvella size long). in LA recently opened a branch at Arcadia, they advertised

The menu features many authentic tea restaurants and Hong Kong’s signature snacks. Such as this one:
Little Chicken Egg (literal translation, it’s a type of HK invented waffles). The awesome HK based food blog Cha Xiu Bao had an entry about it recently. These are so good, they might look a bit dried but the taste is perfect: crispy on the outside, texture is airy and the core middle is moist. They are so addictive.
Hawthron with Chrysanthemum Tea. Another traditional HK street side snacks: Curry Fish ball with turnip and pork skin, trashy but so tasty~
Portugese style seafood (a Macau-influenced dish I think?), the sauce is coconut curry, they made it so sweet~

Craving the waffle, I went back there and tried more:
Hainanese Chicken Rice, I was so impressed by how good this is. Big portion, the chicken are very flavored (even the one and only breast piece is good too ^^:;). We also tried their proud Claypot Rice that is made with a digital controlled fire or something like that (so that it’s made fast, even fire and much shorter time). I got the Chinese sausages flavor, so much food, very greasy but oh so satisfying.

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5 Responses to “Tasty Garden (Arcadia)”

  1. RP says:

    Been wanting to try this place as I heard it’s pretty good! Hey since you eat @ Arcadia sometimes, maybe give Yuzu fusion bistro a try? I have only eaten their crepe and milk tea so far, both trashy but nice 😀

  2. seat says:

    You know those soft waffle(using the same dough as little chicken egg) with condensed milk and peanut butter sandwiched in between? I like that so much that I always end up buying that instead of little chicken egg.
    Hawthron…I actually don’t know what that is. ^^;;

  3. Freda says:

    Seat, I never had the ones you talked about…it sounded so good!? What are they called?
    Hawthorn (maybe I mispell) is “San-Ja” ^^;;;

    RP, Joan tried Yuzu haha~

  4. seat says:

    You must have had before! Looks like this. HK style waffle is even in wikipedia! ^^;;;;;;

  5. Freda says:

    hey I never had those before!!!