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Big Sky Cafe (San Luis Obispo)

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DSCN9304.jpgJon and I went on a 5 days trip to San Francisco and Mendocino. On our 6-7 hours drive to SF we stoped by San Luis Obispo that’s about halfway in between for brunch. Big Sky cafe is a favorite among the locals, especially their brunch. Portobello Mushroom Benedict: roasted mushrooms and tomatoes over holland rusk with poached eggs and hollandaise. The mushrooms goes really well with the running york and hollandaise sauce. It’s also comes with coffee bread. Blue cheese apples and smoked bacon omelette: a mix of sour cream and Maytag blue cheese with sauteed apples & bacon. The food is great, but service is not so attentive.

An interesting sight in San Luis Obispo: the Bubblegum Alley. A hallway filled with disarded gum. Kind of gross ^^;;

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