December 24, 2006 1

R&G Lounge (San Francisco Chinatown)

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Soy Sauce Chicken is really good! The meat is very tender and I love the sauce a lot! Very flavored yet not too salty.
Salted fish chicken and Bean curd in clay pot and Tender greens in broth with shredded ham are both a bit light for my taste but still good.

We stayed a night at San Francisco downtown before heading out to Mendocino. We wandered to Chinatown which is very tacky and tourisy. Most of the restaurants we came upon to were empty and didn’t look promising. So I went to a bookstore to asked for recommendation. Two locals recommended us the R&G Lounge, an authentic Cantonese seafood/banquet style restaurant. Their English name doesn’t sound like an authentic Chinese restaurant but as soon as we arrived, seeing the place packed with Chinese crowd we know this must be good. The 3 dishes compliment each other well. Definitely a must go for great authentic Cantonese cuisine at San Francisco Chinatown.

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One Response to “R&G Lounge (San Francisco Chinatown)”

  1. seat says:

    SF has the biggest China town in US right?
    I remember the food there is even better than in HK! ^^;;