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Mendocino (part 1)

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DSCN9344 We’re staying at Mendocino for 3 nights. It’s beautiful coastal town right by the ocean that’s about 3+ hours drive North from San Francisco. It took about 1-2 hour drive on a windy road in the midst of tall redwood forest to get to Mendocino.

The town is small and we could walk to places everywhere. Lots of beautiful Victorian and New England style houses and Bed and Breakfast everywhere. It was populated by artists and bohemians in the 50s. There’s still a stong “hippie” vibe, lots of headshops and peace signs carved or pinned all over the area, just as the “no cellphone” signs.

You can find beautiful postcard moment everywhere. The sceneries are just breathtaking. We hike along the coast lines of the 3 days we spend there. See more pictures at my Flickr or Jon’s Flickr.

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    Lovely pictures!!
    Electrically sensitive…^^;;