April 18, 2007 4

Milk (Park La Brea)

By in 09: Weho

That place with a cute logo Milk we passed by often finally opened!
They have tempting looking Icecream sandwich but since we were very full from lunch so we got the bonbons instead. The icecream inside are milky and creamy~ This place invokes an impression of All-American childhood to me. They seems to offer the usual LA organic menu of salad and sandwich as well. Definitely need to come back to try their actual menu.

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4 Responses to “Milk (Park La Brea)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Heard lots of hype about this place! Really wanna try their icecream and other creative-sounding desserts 😛

  2. H.C. says:

    Yep, the bonbon “milkies” were definitely yummy and a steal @ a quarter each (though Peg Bundy might still need to bring a chunk ‘o change).

    I also had some of their bakery items – the white chocolate-walnut crumbles were delish, but their pear madeline was too firm & dense.

    I, too, can’t wait to return to try s’more of their offerings.

  3. Aubrey says:

    I’ve been dying to go here but parking is always a nightmare when I’m feeling the mood for ala mode. Do you have a secret parking spot that you could pass along?

  4. Freda says:

    Aubrey, I got lucky and found street parking. It’s the parking that always discourage me to go there too, especially for casual cafe food like this.

    Thanks for the heads up H.C.~ Their cakes have sweet childhood colorful qualities to them and I wonder if they taste good too.