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Macau Street (Monterey Park)

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Like Hong Kong, Macau also has an unique colonial food culture shaped by Cantonese + Portuguese cuisine. Usually you can get some Macau dishes from Hong Kong “Western” cafe (such as Tasty Garden). Macau Street is a similar but with Macaunese centric food.

From lunch special: Macau tomato chili sauce noodle, taste like Bolognese but with chinese chili and egg noodle. Very tasty~ Salty Egg Yolk fried Chicken Knees sound & look better than it taste, the texture is way too stringy and tough, I don’t have strong enough teeth to enjoy this.

A suroprisingly yummy Macau Fried Rice and Portuguese style Egg Tart, very good though not as ‘burnt’ because they forgot our order and baked too quickly…?

Other than the chicken knee the dishes I ordered were generic, but I didn’t regret because they’re all very tasty. As expected the menu is huge, with lots of seafood and exotic stuffs (pig neck, frog, etc.). A lot of items are incredibly cheap (huge plate of fried crab for only $8). It’s worth to go back to try them all out.

Macau Street 626-288-3568
429 W. Garvey Ave., Monterey Park

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2 Responses to “Macau Street (Monterey Park)”

  1. seat says:

    Portuguese food I have in Japan are so heavy with coriander and garlic. They are in everything! Practically Portuguese=coriander+garlic. Yet the Portuguese food I had in Macau was nothing like that. Really wonder what authentic Portuguese food is like~~

    Macau Fried Rice looks like Yeung-chou fried rice~. Taste different?

  2. Freda says:

    yikes~ Must be the cantonese style that ‘wash down’ those thickness of Portuguese cooking ^^;;