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Vienna Cafe (Melrose)

By in 09: Weho

Pasta Italiana($9.50) Bowtie pasta with prosciutto, wild mushrooms and a tomato sage cream sauce. Very delicious! I love the sauce, so flavorful and creamy. This place is more known for breakfast/brunch but I always get their pasta dishes (there’re only 3-4 on the menu) and they’re always more tasty than I expect.

DSC03493.jpgDSC03489.jpgVeggiEx ($8.50) Sunny side up eggs baked with spinach, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms and goat cheese, topped with sage hollandaise sauce and served with Vienna potatoes and toast. Although fresh, it’s also rather so-so tasting in general.

Vienna Cafe is one of the first places I blogged when potatomato food blog first started 3 years ago, which is probably the last time I ate there (note that my old entry also said “The last time I ate here was 3-4 years ago” ^^;;) Shops and restaurants change a lot on Melrose throughout the years but Vienna cafe stayed. I will always go back for the pasta, their Carbonara is delicious too.

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