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Taillevent (Paris: 8e)

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This is probably the most famous gastronomic restaurant Potatomato will ever cover (hopefully there’ll be more in the future ^_^). Taillevent is considered one of top restaurants in the world. It has held Michellin 3 stars for 34 years, though recently it got demoted to 2 stars. That does not stop me from going there, esp. since they offer one of the most affordable lunch set menu among all the 3 stars biggies. 70 euro per person, yes it’s still expensive, but compare to all the other gastronomic restaurants in Paris it’s already consider affordable. I made reservation through the internet couple weeks prior. They have formal dressing code. I just wore a simple black one piece dress with boot…guess that’s ok for lunch, though probably not formal enough for dinner.

Very delicious bread and amuse busch (crab gelatin)

1st course: Foie gras parfait with fig Amazing amazing foie gras! So smooth and silky, the right degree of richness and saltiness. The portion is big too, filling my stomach pretty quickly.


Meat course: Duck of Challans, turnip with cremona mustard. I don’t think I ever had such perfectly cooked medium rare duck before. So precise. The meat is so soft and flavorful, love the sauce. Again, big portion, I’m full by the end of the meal already.

cheese plate: Chevre frais, tapenade et mesclun
Goat frais (creamy yogurt texture fresh cheese), tapenade (a Proven
çal dish consisting of pureed or finely chopped olives, capers, and olive oil) and mesclun (a salad mix of assorted small, young salad leaves). Even though I’m full already but this cheese plate is soooo good that I just have to keep eating. The frais cheese is so soft and creamy, the tapenade flavor totally mixed in with the cheese. Again the portion is very generous.

dessert: Imagination of Exotic fruit, mango acidulee. Very refreshing, rich mango flavor. Assorted sweets The plate of sweet are a pleasant surprise (didn’t say on the menu). Beside the macaron which is just ok (too mushy), the rests are incredible, particularly the top right one.

DSC04822.jpgThe service is top notch. At first I felt a little intimidated due to the fancy interior, but the servers were very friendly and easy going so they made me felt at ease right away. The house red wine was excellent as well. I was burstingly full by the end of it and did not have dinner that day. This should cast away the common misconception of gourmet French food being tiny portion (little piece of food in a big plate), it’s the exact opposite! In the end I felt the 70 euro is worth the price. Like the sign at the entrance door says, Taillevent offer excellent traditional French classics cooking. Hopefully I have chance to go to another 3 stars restaurants again in near future.

15, rue Lamennanis, 75008 Paris.
Metro: George V

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5 Responses to “Taillevent (Paris: 8e)”

  1. seat says:

    I am sure “elegant portion” French food is a Japanese thing. Everyone who goes on a gourmet trip in France always says they can never finish a set course.

    Everything looks amazing. At first I thought you got the picture wrong for the cheese plate…what a fancy cheese plate!!(Not the usual slices of assorted cheese) The duck makes me drool~

  2. Freda says:

    I missed this lunch because i was too sick to go out…:( I tried to hard to get up and got dressed, but I was throwing up and almost fainting, so I had let this one go. T__T

  3. RP says:

    Freda: Oh gosh, that sounds worse than you previously let on 🙁

    Joan: The place looks very elegant in your pix~ It’s great that your first Michellin 3 stars experience was great in every aspect (sans the dining company…) Yeah don’t think the price is too bad considering what we pay here in LA~!

  4. seat says:

    Oh poor Freda~ ToT
    The restaurant is not going anywhere – you will have your chance!

  5. Chubbypanda says:

    The duck alone is drool worthy, not to mention everything else. You’re right. It is a bargain.