December 5, 2007 4

Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea (Sunset Junction)

By in 05: Silver Lake + Echo Park

Finally a coffee shop opened at Silver lake’s Sunset Junction area. Intelligentsia is a chain from Chicago. Great location, cute interior and love the courtyard sitting area. The coffee got nice “branded colors” presentation with their very designy logo (which might look “out” in a couple of years). So it was rather disappointing to find the espresso to be just so-so. It taste burnt with an unpleasant bitterness. The pastry is alright. Will go back to try others.

UPDATE: gone back many times to try their coffee and they’re great! The cappacino is my favorite.

Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea
3922 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90029

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4 Responses to “Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea (Sunset Junction)”

  1. Taste-Buzz says:

    The pastries are from Delilah’s bakery in Echo Park.

  2. SR says:

    Really? I’ve only been there a few times (usually while getting a yummy sandwich at the cheese shop next door) but I’ve had great coffee every time.

    They seem to care a lot about brewing a great cup, so if yours is bitter, I bet they’d make you a fresh cup. Let us know if you have any better luck the 2nd time around.

  3. seat says:

    “burnt with an unpleasant bitterness” sounds like Starbucks coffee. ^^;;; Maybe the beans were roasted too much that day? Give it another try!

    I found a coffee shop chain that sells raw beans, and only roast and ground it(I don’t have a coffee grinder) after you order so it smells heaven.

  4. DF says:

    Why bother with the espresso? They’ve got a couple of Clover drip machines with an ever-changing choice of coffee beans to try. If only there was an express line for the Clovers so I wouldn’t have to wait for the people in the espresso/cappuccino line….