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Restaurant 2117 (Sawtelle)

By in 12: Sawtelle

DSC01730.jpgCoincidently I have a week full of Italian food (which is overabundant in LA anyway). This is a Japanese-Italian fusion restaurant located at Sawtelle opened by a Japanese chef (with all Japanese staffs). Everything about this place is a bit pretentious (over-DESIGN wine collection, all-white minimalism with only deco plates that are very 80s ‘Wolfgang Puck-ugly’). And during order, the waitress will hassle you with ordering wine+appertizer (if you order only water or entree, she’ll be like “JUST water/tea?” or ‘entree ONLY!?’). Totally give me a try-too-hard to-be-high-end vibe, and I don’t bother to treat it high-end with its poor Japanese serving size of bread that are cold and hard. I went there for lunch and later went there for dinner (giving it a second chance).

For lunch:
DSC01731.jpgMushroom soup. Too much pepper and ginger…

DSC01734.jpgFried Calamari Spaghetti with Plum sauce $12 Quite nice. The pasta are in half-cooked style.

This is from another day @ dinner:
DSC01769.jpgCrab Salad with Avacado $12 Not mine, seems good~

DSC01768.jpgHalf Chicken in Honey Mustard $11 I felt very lame after I ordered this (the cheapest entree item) and I never liked chicken anyway. 🙁

Verdict? Alright.

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One Response to “Restaurant 2117 (Sawtelle)”

  1. seat says:

    Wahaha~~~Very obvious you hate this place like hell~~~ ^^;;;; Well, good service is very very important for fully enjoying a meal!! You know oyster place I went, one of the waitresses was an absolutely nightmarish snob, giving us all those snobby looks and refusing every single request we had, but I think the feeling of dislike was mutual because she stopped serving us after a while – thank god!! But I don’t think I will want to go back there again no matter how good the food was.