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Cafe Beaujolais (Eagle Rock)

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DSC01782.jpgDSC01775.jpgHad a wonderful dinner again at Cafe Beaujolais, this time with Stan and Dean (who went there few weeks ago after reading about it here ^_^ They too said it’s great! And last time they get acquianted with this lovely old couple sitting next to their table and met them again last night!). Apparently it’s Jazz night on Wednesday so there’s a jazz band playing in the already very noisy packed restaurant. So the waiter drew on the table paper to tell us the special menu (so cute! *^^*) I had a Rose Wine $6. Please excuse my ignorance of wine, ^^;; I thought it’s more lightweighted as Rose is sorta of semi-red wine? But still I was pretty dizzy half way the glass.

DSC01778.jpgFrench onion soup $5.00 Delicious! But I’ve had better.

DSC01781.jpgSpinach Salad with bacon $5.95 Very very yummy! The spinach are warm and soaked with bacon flavor. Too bad it’s a special-of-the-night so might not be able to have it again!

DSC01786.jpgHalibut Au Champagne $15.95 Sauteed Filet of Halibut in a champagne Sauce and Parmesan Curst, with Garlic mashed potatoes. Great! The sauce is very rich and unique tasting.

DSC01784.jpgFilet Mignon au Porto et Roquefort $16.50 Pave of Tendeloin in a Porto Wine and Roquefort Sauce Juicy, tender and delicious, medium rare. I was a bit regret for not ordering it rare for more melting texture.

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2 Responses to “Cafe Beaujolais (Eagle Rock)”

  1. seat says:

    The food looks nice~~~But the plates are so big, and the veggy and the main are so far apart…making it look small portion…^^;;;; Parmesan Curst is the top bit of the fish??

    For “normal quality” beef steak, it is more like, somewhere in the process of:
    you get:
    soft but unchewable->small window of soft and tender and juicy->hard and unchewable
    meat. ^^;;;;;
    But for top-class quality beef, (according to some Jap. gourmet program ^^;;) it is soft and tender even when it is raw or burnt~~~~~^^;;;

  2. Freda says:

    Really that’s how quality differs. I rarely order steak so I can’t say I can tell well. This Filet Mignon was soft and tender overall , so I guess it’s somewhere like upper-middle class quality ^^ I thought the portion looked small in proportion to the plate too, but turns out we’re sooooooo full..