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LA’s Top 25 Restaurant

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DSC02117.jpgLatest Jan 2005 issue of Los Angeles Magazine is out with an article on their best LA restaurant ranking. Most are upscale expensive place that I heard of but couldn’t afford. I went to the No. 1 one and hmm…comment later. The Chinese dim-sum restaurant Mission 261 ranked No.6! *_* Here’s the list for reference. (Extra recommendation list from my boss Adam, self-proclaimed LA gourmet expert)

Los Angeles Magazine Top 25 Best Restaurants

01.Beacon (Asian-Fusion $$)
02. Sona (American $$$)
03. L’Orangerie (French $$$$)
04. Angelini Osteria (Italian $$$)
— Highly recommend by Adam
05. Melisse (French $$$$)
06. Mission 261 (Chinese dim sum/dining $)
— My pick for Best Dim Sum.
07. Josie (American $$$$)
08. Patina (American $$$$)
09. Grace (American $$$$)
— Thumb down from Adam
10. Vincenti (Italian $$$$)
11. Teresitas (Mexican)
12. Campanile (Mediterranean $$$$)
13. JAR (American $$$$)
14. A.O.C. (Wine Bar, Gourmet Tapas $$$) — Adam highly recommended this one, it’s his frequent hang out place.
15. Urasawa (Sushi $$$$) — $250 prix fixe!
16. Bastide (French $$$$)
17. Casa Bianca (Pizza $) — Adam’s BEST Pizza recommendation. Another friend told me he waited forever there, hence the illusion of VERY YUMMY due to extreme hunger.
18. Mako (Asian fusion $$$$)
19. Mimosa (French $$$$) — I’ve been to their sister restaurant Cafe des Artistes which is no good.
20. Joe’s (Cal-French $$$)
21. Spago (Wolfgang puck’s place $$$$) — Adam: Come on, 1993?
22. La Cachette (French $$$$)
23. Capo (Italian $$$$)
24. Granita (Californian $$$)
25. Traxx (American $$$)

Adam’s “Best of” Recommendation

Best Burger and Pie:
Pie n’ Burger (Pasadena)
Adam always raves about it. In fact in that magazine, the editor complain about the author of that article didn’t inclue Pie n’ Burger in Top 25.

Best Pizza:
Casa Bianca (Eagle Rock)
Also on the list above. Get pepperoni sausage

Best Sushi:
Nishimura (Melrose)
It’s $$$$, forget it~~

Best Italian:
Angelini Osteria (Beverly)
Also on list above

Best Italian (close second):
La Conda (La Brea)

Best Wine Bar/Hangout:
A.O.C. (Downtown LA)
Also on list. Adam said it’s his frequent hang out place.

Best Shabu Shabu :
Kukaya (Little Tokyo)

Best Deli:
Langer’s (Macarthur Park)
Order No.19 Pastrami Sandwich

Best Casual French:
Madame Matisse (Silverlake)
This is not really French…-_-;;;

Best Dessert:
Max (Sherman Oaks)
Adam’s dad’s recommendation, he hasn’t try it yet

Best Sandwich:
Bay Cities (Santa Monica, on Lincoln)
Order ‘Godmother Sandwich’ This place is always crowded whenever I drove by it.

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13 Responses to “LA’s Top 25 Restaurant”

  1. seat says:

    Oh wow~~~~almost all of them are $$$$, how much is that again?? $$$ is okay, right? But this indication is the price for a dinner including alcohol? If you just drink juice, would it be more affordable? If those $$$$ ones have lunch you can try try. How amazing they all have homepages!!

    Have you gone out for gourmet-hunting with Adam before??

  2. tina says:

    $_$ . . . so many $$$$$
    i really like bay cities, have you guys try it yet? i like their “poor boy”, and for sushi, my favorite is yoshida now (recomand by veron).

  3. Freda says:

    Nope haven’t try Bay Cities, soooo many people all the time. ^^;; Oh I have yet to try Yoshida, heard about it from Vero too. Is it really good? Gotta try it.

    Nah I don’t social with Adam, it’d be a bit odd?

  4. tina says:

    errrr, i’ve made a mistake. . . our birthday is actually next week not this week. . .(funny how i don’t remember when MY birthdday is. . . ) and i learned from my japanese friend that the musha in santa monica is actually a lot better than the one in torrence. so i was wondering if we should go to some other place. . . and maybe catch a movie too!! there are so many movies i want to see. btw, my bf got a copy of “kung fu”, i wonder if you guys want a copy! let me know 😀

  5. Joan says:

    Oh yeeeessss please get me a copy of Kung Fu!!!

    You guys make the decision where to go, it’s up to you la. 🙂

  6. tina says:

    Just watched Kung Fu last nite, my GOD it’s funny, and it’s better than the previous soccer one. since it’s a download, the format is kinda weird, so i am trying to figure out how to burn a copy for you. hopefully i can get it to you this weekend.

    how about marston? since we’ve being talking about it for so long and it’s around here. so maybe we can go for pancake and watch a movie afterwards.

  7. Freda says:

    Is it those pirated versions where people sneak in cinema and film it at their seats? ^^;; I’m been dying to see it…but for sure I’ll go see it on big screen when it comes out here at March.

    How about going to “Little Fat Lamb“? ^_- Only if you like lamb though.

  8. tina says:

    well, from what i saw last nite, the quality is not bad. feel like they copyed from DVD. . .

    sorry Freda, i don’t eat red meat, but there is a japanese posh place near the “little fat lamb” place, price is good and taste is not bad. so if you are interested, we can go there too (they don’t serve drinks though. . . i don’t know why ^^;;)

  9. Freda says:

    OH how about Umenohana? Might be $$$ though. I read that it has those fancy remote control toliets ^^;;;;

  10. Joan says:

    I have no preference. Pancake is fine for me, and that I eat everything myself so anything is a-ok for me . Tina you make the choice la, it’s your bday :).

  11. tina says:

    hello girls. . . i am so tired today. worked OT all wk long, and believe it or not, i got to the office before 6am today. when i left home, the moon was still up and shiny, feels like i am back in school again ^^;; i know i will be pretty damn tired this weekend, and i still have to work at home too, so if you girls don’t mind, let’s just have marston for now. close by and still pretty good, and just $ XD,,, for place like umenohana, i want to dress up nice and look alive when i dine, which is not gonna happen this wken lor!!

  12. Joan says:

    oh?? I thought you bday is next week!? Are you doing it this weekend or next weekend?? Let’s go to Marston regardless.

  13. tina says:

    yeah, my b-day is next week, but due to earlly confusing, i ‘ve maxed out next wken, so if it’s okay, let’s do breakfast on sat. morning then. let me know when you girls can make it so i can call in for reservation.