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Jin Patisserie (Abbot Kinney)

By in 15: Venice

Jin Patisserie Pastry Boutique & Tea Garden is a MUST go! >O< One of the very few (if not the only) high quality French pastry cake & afternoon tea house in LA, there are varities of cakes and tea all with fancy names to choose from. The food is served at outdoor-only seatings in the cozy Asian-ish courtyard, there are even big round mattress where you can lay down on while you’re eat and drink. After a tiring walk and shopping spree on Abbot Kinney, this is the perfect place to rest and enjoy delicious, delicate gourmet cakes!

Green Vanilla Tea $5.95 (large pot). Combination of green tea with Bourbon Vanilla and tiny pieces of island vanilla pods. Smell very nice! All the cakes seems really yummy so it was a difficult decision to narrow down to 3 :P! $5.25 each. There’re similar looking cakes in Chinese pastry places like Vanille, but I’m telling you, the qualities are miles apart!

DSC02431.jpgDesire: Manjari Chocolate mousse, vanilla creme brulee, crunchy feuilletine, chocolate sponge. One of the best chocolate mousse I’ve ever had, so delicate, smooth and rich.

DSC02434.jpgLourvre Jivara lactee bavarois, ginger custard, candied ginger diced. This taste simply heavenly and I like it the most out of the three. I love the ginger flavor very much, there are little pieces of ginger jelly inside too.

DSC02437.jpgJin Ivoire chocolate mousse, chrysanthemum jelly. This taste very unique, the white chocolate has flowery flavor in them.

DSC02440.jpgThe small indoor cashier area has a glass case displaying the cakes. It was 5 something when we went there so lots of cakes were already sold out. Jin Patisserie also makes Chocolate (awarded “Best Chocolate in LA” in Los Angeles Magazine) and cookies that you can buy in gift box too. Go check out their website to to pix and details of all the beautiful cakes they have!

Jin Patisserie (310) 399-8801
Pastry Teahouse
1202 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA 90291-3366

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3 Responses to “Jin Patisserie (Abbot Kinney)”

  1. seat says:

    Great, finally you found a patisserie you are satisfied with! Chrysanthemum jelly is something I have never seen before~~~Even the tea looks good. You should go back and try all the cakes! I am so interested in “Green Tea” and “Jin” – wonder what it is. But outdoor only means the shop won’t open on rainy days?

  2. Joan says:

    I know, I’m so happy to finally find THE ONE! Amandine Patissiere was good too but they only had tarte, not fancy cakes like those, and it’s more like a bakery cafe than pastry house. There is a really fancy pastry place called Susina Bakery on Beverly Blvd (I gotta go take pix one of these days), their cookies are very very yummy but their cakes are sooo average. 🙁 In fact I’m so tired of their chocolate cake since IF always get it for company’s bday party every month. What a disappointment. If only if there’re more places like Jin Patissiere here…then I’ll love LA more ^^;;; (not that I hate it, I like it much more than before already).

  3. seat says:

    How about cafes/cake shops in hotels? They might be more expensive but if they have afternoon cake sets or whatever, probably will be affordable. Afterall, where do all the celebrities/rich madams go for tea???? ^^;;;