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Khyber Pass (Montreal: Plateau)

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Khybe pass
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Ok finally down to the last entry of our Montreal report. On our last night at Montreal, we wanted something completely different: Afghanistan food at Khyber Pass. I know Montreal isn’t known for Ethnic cuisine, but my friend strongly recommended the lamb at this place. The restaurant got a catchy facade. It’s BYOB so we went to the wine shop down the block and got a bottle of red and a bottle of white.

Freda and I shared the Table d’hôte #1 which includes a soup or salad, a choice of the appetizer, choice of main course, dessert and tea or coffee.

Khybe pass
For appetizer, we got the Mantoo – small steamed pastas stuffed with ground beef and chopped onions, served with garlic yogurt and ground beef and tomato sauce. It’s tasty. Thin pasta skin stuffed with ground beef is basically kind of like Asian dumplings.

Khybe pass
For main course we chose the Lamb Kabab with 3 different basmati rice and salad.
The Lamb was incredible! Tender and flavorful. The portion was well enough for the two of us. The rice was really good too.

Khybe pass
My friend got the Sabzi Chalaw: Spinach with lamb served with 3 different basmati rice

Khybe pass
Another friend got Kabuli Palaw: Chicken served with brown rice flavoured with Afgahan Spices, raisins and sliced carrots. I love this very much. It’s both savory and sweet with each bite. The chicken was good too. Another friend got Kafta Chalaw – Beef meat balls cooked in tomato sauce which I forgot to take pix of.

Khybe pass

Our dessert that came with the set was Rose pudding with pistachio sprinkles. I’m not a fan of rose flavor in general. It does clean our post-meat palette well though.

Back to LA restaurants from next entry on!

Khyber Pass

506 avenue Duluth Est, Montréal, QC H2L 1A7, Canada
(514) 849-1775

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3 Responses to “Khyber Pass (Montreal: Plateau)”

  1. vero says:

    finally! ha! 🙂
    it was a great time, and it made me crave the lamb again. This is probably the only heavy food I can still chuck in the midst of (barely existing) summer.

    now… where’s good sushi… hmmm i wonder.

  2. tomoko says:

    ohhh the lamb looks soo good…
    plus the 3 colored rice looks pretty too ^q^
    I really like non-sticky rice, especially during the hot season!!

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