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Le Pichet (Seattle: Belltown)

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We have brunch at this cozy French cafe to start the day. 🙂 One thing I love about Seattle is that it has so many unpretentious, authentic and cheap French cafe~ (no Cal-French nonsense). They’re like the decor and spirit that made the city feel more cultural and sophisticated. The coffee is really good. A leap of joy escaped my mouth when I saw the sugar cubes. Well, we were a bit of overdose of coffee at the home of world’s evil coffee empire (there are actually lots of very nice cafes serving really good coffee even though Starbuck is at every stret corner like rest of the world). Home-made yogurt with honeyed Walnut , taste very fresh, airy and milky.

Raw Oysters with mignonette sauce, grilled chipolata (apple) sausage $11, heavenly (sausage not on pic) Pate albigecois $6 Country style pork pâté with honey and walnuts Two eggs broiled with ham and gruyere $8. All very good~

Beautiful flowers, nice city view from the window, what a perfect morning~

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8 Responses to “Le Pichet (Seattle: Belltown)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh soooooooooo nice~~~~I feel like I am travelling with you~~~~~I wanna go too~~~~~

    Surprisingly the egg looks the most tempting!!

    Why, you like sugar cubes??

    Damn, it is a bad idea looking at these pics at midnight…hungry now…

  2. tina says:

    you didn’t have the french onion soup?! their onion soup is one of my favorite! it’s rich but not heavy!! and the portion is HUGE!!

    this cafe is the place where i told you about before. when the owner/manager (lady who speaks french to the waitress, and she has those school teacher black frame glasses) found out that im from california, she said “oh, isn’t it bothersome that all the food is fusion in california?” ^^;;

  3. Joan says:

    I know haha, I got the egg thing because I saw other ppl eating it which looked tempting.

    Too much food already so didn’t get onion soup ^^;;;

  4. Freda says:

    LA rarely have sugarcubes (it’s always bags of sugar), so it’s a rare sight~~ ^^;;; They are one of the major fancies from my childhood: I was so depraved of sugar from my health concern parents when we were little that the sugarcubes at western restaurant (which we went not so frequent) were the only ‘candies’ we were allowed to have ^^;;; that’s why I was \T0T/

  5. Freda says:

    I avoid drinking onion soup early, becaue they could spoil the rest of the day for you – the cheese tangle inside your stomach (and feel stuff and heavy) and feeling stinky with strong lingering onion taste in your mouth/inside your body…a point I made to remind myself no matter how tempting they look. ^^:;;

    It feels so nice to walk to nice french breakfast, when we finished it’s around 11:30am and you already feel satisfied and got a whole day to look forward to. Unlike in LA, it’s lame to DRIVE to breakfast place, which felt like too much effort to make. Since you gotta plan the rest of the day well as there’s too much driving involved, we just end up looking for a destination and have lunch where we’d go, because by the time you reach there it’s pretty late for breakfast (unless you leave house before 10am). And since lunch was late so you’re still full when it’s time for afternoon tea…

    so lifestyle in Seattle could easily be: breakfast, lunch (maybe), afternoon tea/coffee break, dinner, whatever later… all done conviniently by walking or taking buses.

    LA is: lunch. dinner, and… (usually involve long drive in between as places are too spread out, too much effort~)

  6. seat says:

    Oh yeah! Being able to walk to restaurants and places must be a happy experience for you! ^^;;;; For some reason I lose my appetite and my energy sitting in the car for too long even though I am not driving.

    So you mostly walk and take buses – did you try other transportation?

  7. Vero says:

    wow, seattle looks so much more beautiful in the pictures and your words hehehe… and I really look very alcoholic from my bar wine picture hehehe…
    I’ve never eaten so much good food in 2 days, so I guess that’s how it feels being rich and being able to do that on daily basis hahah… With you guys, I could totally express my inner expartriate-ness …
    come back!

  8. Freda says:

    oh yeah can’t wait to go again~ I think with our salary we can afford such eating lifestyle daily (if you sacrifice that instead of shopping or other extravagance), it’s our body shape that’s more worrying ^^;;;