April 24, 2005 3

Gingergrass (Silver Lake)

By in 05: Silver Lake + Echo Park

DSC03378.jpgDSC03384.jpgDSC03386.jpg Wow finally found a cool Vietnamese place that’s good too ^o^! Gingergrass is my new favorite place in Silver Lake. Surprisingly, the food do taste authentic. Other than the usual Vietnamese dishes, they have some interesting entrees (ex: banana leaf fish). These drinks Basil-Lime Elixir $2.95 are very delicious and refreshing. The Shrimp chip is free (with hoshin sauce).

DSC03389.jpgDSC03392.jpgDSC03395.jpgGreen papaya salad $5.25. Freshly shredded green papaya and carrots topped with a spicy vietnamese vinaigrette, red peppers and caramelized shallots. Good! Sweet and sour seafood Canh Chua $7.50, fish and shrimp served in a tamarind seafood broth, rice noodles, chilies, pineapple, and herbs. The soup is very addictive. Beef Noodle Bowl $7.25, the grilled beef is so tender and tasty, quite possibly the best I’ve had, oh so yummy!

Celebrity sighting! ^o^ Saw actor Giovanni Ribisi (ex: Scarlett Johansson’s photographer husband in Lost in Translation, Jude Law’s friend in Sky Captain, Phoebe’s brother in Friends) sitting by himself one table away from us! He was reading a script the whole time. He ordered a fried rice looking dish and Vietnamese coffee.

DSC03326.jpgDSC03334.jpg A previous visit at night after OT at work. We had to wait for 20 mins since it was packed (it was still packed with waiting line at 10:00 pm)! I had the Fresh Ginger Limeade which was very yummy as well. My friend got the fried sea bass with sweet and sour tomato sauce. It’s alright, the sauce is too strong tasting. We also got the ginger creme burlee (pix got blurry Y_Y) which is good too. Also saw the midget lady from the Poltergeist ! She sit right next to us and she order this huge entree of lobster! @o@!!

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3 Responses to “Gingergrass (Silver Lake)”

  1. seat says:

    I never have that shrimp snack served with Hoi Shin sauce…was it good?? The Basil-Lime Elixir sounds exotic.

    You really have good eyes and good memory…I just saw Lost in Translation but simply can’t recall the photographer’s face~~~

  2. Joan says:

    oh since he’s on Friends a lot so it’s easy to recognize him ^^;; And he played some quite stood out roles, like the pscyho in The Gift (though what a forgettable movie), Jude Law’s good friend that got kidnapped and gotta be rescued in Sky Captain…^^;;;

    Yeah the shrimp chip is good with hoishin sauce! My friend never had shrimp chip before so he was kinda hesitated about it, then after he had it he loves it!

  3. Eileen says:

    The food looks delicious.
    Gotta go try it sometimes.