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Red Tea Box (Toronto: Queen St.)

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DSC03992.jpgDSC04004.jpgDSC04006.jpgWe stopped our pace at this window, admiring the smooth colorful sugar flour coated cakes on displayed, only realize a little signs said they have a tea salon. INSIDE at once!!! X-D Joan and I each order a ‘cup’ of tea, by ‘cup’ size they meant serving in Chinese purple clay teapot. ^^;; Assam – Nahorhabi (the milk is in the Indian floral mini teapot and sugar in the mini bowl~) and White Cloud .

DSC04010.jpgDSC04002.jpgKaffir Lime Coconut Mango Curd Tart and Chocolate Salty Caramel with Lava Salt Brittle Despite looking a bit rough the taste is very good. I never had anything ‘salt’ with Chocolate before, they’re surprisingly compatiable~ It gets a bit too sweet when I uncovered the caramel inside.

The front is the cakes, chocolates, cookies and treats shops. At the back there’s a living room-like space for cafe area. The interior is very eclectic, very nice. My chair was a rocking chair! The stairs led to a boutique upstairs selling teapots and kitchen goods. The owner and chefs were these Chinese ladies.

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2 Responses to “Red Tea Box (Toronto: Queen St.)”

  1. seat says:

    The shop looks so cozy and the chairs look comfortable! Places that you want to spend whole day reading and dozing…

    The sign outside says “Red tea”….紅茶?? But the pots and cups are chinese.

  2. Freda says:

    If I have my own house I dream it to look cozy like this~~ 😀 The place is called “Red Tea Box”, haha…the owner should be Chinese. Inside it’s all eclectic, there’re Japanese teapots, English teapots…all kinds~~ (I think if you ordered a bigger pot, they served with the English kind).