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Ah Mei Tea house (Taipei: Jiufen)

By in 10: Taipei

Jiufen Street Scene 9Ah mei tea house
We went to the most crowded and touristy part in Jiufen where two particular restaurants were featured in the film City of sadness. The restaurant on the left in fact even change their name to “City of Sadness”. However, we picked the one on the right: Ah Mei Teahouse, because it has better interior and they got the creepy masks. It is also rumored that Ah Mei teahouse was one of the inspirations for the bathhouse in Miyazaki’s animation classic Spirited away. I definitely see the resemblances!

Ah mei tea house

The dining room and tea room are seperated. The dining room would have nice views of the ocean on a clear day.

Ah mei tea house

Guihua tea with honey. Guihua is a type of Chinese flower call , English name is sweet olive.

Ah mei tea houseAme Tea House2

Complimentary tea snack: pickled plum. Jon got an Orange yuzu tea which comes with dorito chips…it’s odd.


Taiwanese beef noodle.

Surprisingly good! It’s a touristy place so I wasn’t expecting much for the food. The beef was tender, broth was a bit light but was still good.

It’s a cute place but we opted for another place for Chinese tea.

Ah Mei Tea house阿妹茶酒館
九份 市下巷20號

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  1. tomoko says:

    Guihua tea’s cup set is sooo beautiful!