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Scarlet Tea Room (Pasadena)

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It always pleases me to know that there’re quite a few of teahouses in Old Town Pasadena co-existing. If quaint is not your style, there’s the elegant and pretty Scarlet Tea Room.


The interior is bright, elegant and cute like a dollhouse. The chandelier looked like it should be a miniature.

The menu offers different tea sets: Five Course Tea Ceremony, Three Course or the Mini Tea $14.95 that we got.


You can choose two from a variety of Tea Sandwiches. I like the Roast Beef & Aged White Cheddar the most.


You also get a small pot of loose leaf tea. The selection of tea isn’t as big as other tea houses, but it’s good for people who doesn’t want to go through a phone list of tea.


The Mini Tea set rounded off with a dessert: Strawberry Romanoff. It is so fresh and delicious!

Though it lacked the authenticity of a traditional English tea room, you’d feel like stepping into a charming world of dollhouse. They have live Jazz and dining menu at night as well.

Scarlet Tea Room
18 W Green St Pasadena, CA 91105

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3 Responses to “Scarlet Tea Room (Pasadena)”

  1. Marie says:

    I noticed this place while passing by and then promptly forgot about it! Thanks for the reminder to check this place out! Traditional or not, I’ve never had afternoon tea (with sandwiches, etc.) despite the fact that I drink a lot of the stuff.

  2. Michelle says:

    there’s this great tea place in glendale with the best rosewater lemonade, really cute sandwiches, and VERY girly decor, i recommend it when you have the chance. It’s called Favorite Place Restaurant:

  3. How cute is this? Something tells me I need to look for more teahouses in my area. They’re definitely rare around here!