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Komodo Truck

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Walked by Komodo Truck and was instantly attracted by the interesting sounding menu. They specializes in fusion tacos, particularly tacos with South East Asian flavors.

Normally I would have got the “Komodo taco” as it seems to be the signature dish, but the other tacos on the menu sounded more interesting to me. I tried:

Fish n’ Grape Taco: Deep-fried Alaskan Cod tossed with Fresh Grape Salad. And Java Taco: Indonesian Beef Rendang with Fresh Cucumber Salad

Both are good! Love the grapes with the fried fish. The Indonesian beef rendang is spicy and quite heavy tasting, so the cucumber salad gave a good balance. The crispy fried garlic on top was a nice touch.


I got a side of Meatballs with Romesco Sauce – Pork Meatballs topped with Spanish Red Bell Pepper Sauce. Very delicious! Though a bit too peppery by the end.

The food is very tasty overall. The truck hasn’t come back near my office for awhile, otherwise I would have try the others. Read up on their website about the chef, he was Le Cordon Bleu-trained so that explained the quality of the food.

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3 Responses to “Komodo Truck”

  1. The Frenchie truck looks good.

    We tried the Komodo truck- I got the Komodo burrito. Although I enjoyed the corn salsa part (my husband recoiled because it contained shiso, which he can’t handle at all!) but there was so much chewy steak in it that I had to take a spoon and scoop it out. I must have pulled about about 1 cup of meat which was still only half. I understand the “show me the beef” mentality but wow…that is too much steak for anyone, especially since it was so tough. I enjoyed the meatballs although they were quite greasy, and my husband liked the chicken taco the best. Overall, however, I don’t think we’ll be eating from that truck again.

  2. Joan says:

    Hey Tokyoastrogirl,

    Eeekk the komodo Burrito sounds really heavy and kind of gross. I’m glad I didn’t get it. From your descriptions, it seems like the fish /indo beef taco is better than the Komodo ones since they didn’t have the tough chewy steak. Perhaps give it another chance to try those next time? You’re right, the meatballs were greasy!

  3. El Duderino says:

    I agree on the burrito. The thing with the Komodo burrito is that its missing balance. If they had rice or some kind of starch, it would help it out alot. I like their fish and grape taco though.
    But one thing I noticed and do not like, is that it has a weird after taste. Same kind of taste from Poquito Mas tacos and burritos.
    I don’t know what it is, but its like grease or lard or something.
    Will try the other tacos just to be sure.
    On another note, great pics!