September 9, 2005 2

Cantalini Italian Ristorante (Playa del Rey)

By in 14: Marina del Rey

DSC05498.jpgDSC05504.jpgThis beach side italian restaurant was right across the street from my office and for almost a year I’ve never considered setting foot in there…I have no idea why either. Finally I did, the interior is kitschy retro Italian~ The food are just as I expected: generic and predictable. I had the basic and safe Meatball Spaghetti, quite good actually, not too sour and sweet enough for my taste.

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2 Responses to “Cantalini Italian Ristorante (Playa del Rey)”

  1. seat says:

    So basic!! ^^;;; What are the other menu like??

    All those junk(oops) hanging from the ceiling!!

  2. Freda says:

    Very basic menu: Alfredo, Primavera, Pizza, and Americanized Sandwiches…I mean, American-friendly Italian menu are predictable if they’re not specialized in certain things. I guess that’s why I never set foot in there before.