September 12, 2005 2

Porto’s Bakery (Glendale)

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Went to the ever-crowded Cuban Bakery Porto’s to try their sandwiches for lunch over the weekend. Cuban pork sandwich, the roasted pork with garlic sauce is so juicy and melt in your mouth. So unforgettable! Potato Ball Sandwich, it’s ok. Afterall starch/starch isn’t a good combo. Should have stick with meat ones. The sandwiches are so cheap (under $4) and good, I wish such value and quality is avaible near workplace! There’re many dim sum-like meat pastries, we got this one to try, it reminds me of Dim sum’s “curry corner” ^^;; The leftest pix shows the long queue for ordering food. The middle pix is the bread area, it’s super crowded in the morning.

Of course we got some cakes to-go to bring back home. From left to right: Mango, Coconut, Strawberry, Cappacino. All very good, the mousse are fresh tasting, not too sweet nor sour.

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2 Responses to “Porto’s Bakery (Glendale)”

  1. seat says:

    The pork sandwhich looks good! The potato sandwhich is JUST potato, or there are other vegetables?

    The place is so crowded!! Must be hard to get a place to eat-in?

    The coconut looks nice with the flower but you can’t eat that, right? ^^;;;

  2. Joan says:

    yeah it’s real flower ^^;;
    Yeah it’s hard to find a table, we already went there almost at 2, but it’s still filled with lunch crowd. Just have to be lucky.

    There’re veggie and tomato in the potato sandwich, the sauce is good! I wish I tried the cuban steak sandwich, next time~~