September 19, 2005 8

Bean Sprout Cafe (Monrovia)

By in 02: Pasadena

I was sick since last week and had mysterious and scary “black tongue”, so determine to eat light and veggie. Dine here with Roberta, a Taiwanese Veggie cafe opened near Monrovia old town (strange location!), and I forgot its name again! (I’m feverish these days). She came here often as it’s ‘convinient’ but kept emphasized how bland and sometimes bad their food are. Now I see what she means. ^^;; My “Dai-lo” Noodle is okay but bland. Roberta’s Beef (fake) Noodle was okay and might be too loaded with meat-imitation flavor. Joan’s Spaghetti was unbelievably crap. Roberta said she once get scold by the waiters for leaving half of the plate unfinished, so Joan had to stuffed herself with that bad spaghetti….^^:;; Pity, the cafe is quite cute, it have the potential be a nice light eating place!

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8 Responses to “Bean Sprout Cafe (Monrovia)”

  1. seat says:

    Really, the food has very strange colour….pity! Veggy food can be very tasty too – there is no excuse. How’s RP?

  2. seat says:

    Ah…I had two ulcers in my mouth, and keep nose-bleeding in the morning too. Hmm…we really should be more careful of what we eat…at least one healthy-eating day in a week or something. ^^;;;

  3. RP says:

    You know what? Didn’t I say their curry was sooooo bland? But in comparison to that “beef noodle”, the curry seems pretty decent now hahaha! How’s your tongue now?

    Yeah totally agree, no excuse for bad veggie food as it can be done well. Why are you having ulcers and nose-bleeding? Stress? I am constantly wearing pimples and pimple scars nowadays, stress was what the doctor told me might be the cause… I think nothing fights these symptoms off better than long, quality sleep (which I haven’t been getting for a long time).

  4. Freda says:

    Should have got the curry instead! Veggie food can be very tasty like this and this! My tongue is still the same, the color faded a little bit, more brown now. I did some research online, they all say “cause unknown” (and cure unknown too), they’d just be cure spontaneously…hmm… I suspect it might be allergic reaction to something I ate? The most toxic thing I ate that week was the raw octopus…it’s revenge!.

    Crazy Seat, what’s with all the bloodshed? Healthy eating for a day…haha…wont’ help much would it?

  5. Joan says:

    I should have get the curry, I can make much better spaghetti myself!!

    RP, check out that Chinese doctor I told you about! It’s at the corner of Valley and Atlantic. I’ll give you more info via email. (send me an email, I lost your email addy)

  6. seat says:

    I have two big pimples – one erupting one dying out and looking ugly – on my chin too! I too am having trouble sleeping! Stress might the cause but then, who is totally stress-free nowadays? Sigh. Nose-bleed only happens in the morning I don’t know why! My nose gets blocked by the clogged blood but when I clean it, it starts bleeding again! Fortunately it doesn’t last so…

    Octopus seems pretty harmless though….Heard that it is good to just drink juice for a day – it gets rid of the “poison” in your body apparently. But can’t do it now, need to work!

  7. RP says:

    Freda: No cause no cure?? That’s creepy… Glad to know it’s getter better on its own though!

    Joan: Haha yeah, if you ever need to go there for budget/health reasons, get their dumpling and/or radish cake- they aren’t nearly salty enough, but that’s point sometimes 😛 OK I’ll email you later, thanks!

    Seat: While your pimple problem sounds more manageable than the outbreak on my face- gosh what’s with the bloodshed??? Have you seen a doctor about this? Maybe your body is too “hot” (haha, don’t mean to sexual harass), nothing but fruit juice might indeed help 🙂

  8. seat says:

    My little morning blood-lost is getting a bit better. Yeah I think it is because I am too “heaty”(no such word). Should go eat some watermelon or something. Oh your pimple problem is serious? Take lots of Vitamin B and wash your face properly~~~ I like this Japanese brand called “Orbis” which is very very good for pimples!