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Overland Cafe (Palms)

By in 11: West LA

I always drove by Overland Cafe without giving it much thought, until my friend told me about their specialty: un limited champagne Sunday Brunch. It is $4.99 per person with an order of entree.

Overland Cafe

The lively cafe has a feel good, humble vibe that makes it a good neighborhood joint. The walls showcase art works from local artists.

Overland CafeOverland Cafe

As for the unlimited champagne, it is really…unlimited…for two hours. We got orange juice to make mimosa.

Overland Cafe

Krabbycake Benedict: Two Crispy Krabbycakes topped with grilled tomatoes, poached eggs and Hollandaise. Very yummy! The crispy krabbycakes added so much to the texture. The hollandaise sauce is light and not overwhelming. The potatoes on the side are firm and tasty. I wasn’t left with a greasy feeling afterward.

Overland Cafe

Belgian Waffle. Pretty and good!

Overland Cafe

Shrimp, Scallion & Guacamole Omelet Garnished with Hollandaise sauce. Simple and well made.

Being a light weight, I was pretty drunk by the end of it. I really enjoy the casual vibe and the breakfast food. It got me curious about their lunch and dinner menu.

Overland Cafe
3601 Overland Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90034

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2 Responses to “Overland Cafe (Palms)”

  1. girlrobot says:

    awww….i used to live right by that cafe. i love that place!!

  2. stuffycheaks says:

    one of the best AYCD mimosa brunches out there. My friend and I had a bottle each. We’re defintiely NOT lightweights!