October 7, 2005 7

Urth Caffé (Santa Monica)

By in 16: Santa Monica

DSC05882.jpgOrganic coffee chain Urth Caffé is always packed. In fact there’s a instruction card on each table stating you can only sit for 45 mins (start counting once you ordered at the counter). Since I went to the Venice one, the patrons are mostly wealthy and relax looking yuppies. When I was taking picture of the food the boss came out and tell me ‘no picture of food’. :X Whatever. The food are extrordinarily good! Very fresh, very gourmet. Prosciuto Panini with Sun-dried tomatoes and Olive Pate, heaven! The salad is very good too. Honey Vanilla Latte~ so good so good~

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7 Responses to “Urth Caffé (Santa Monica)”

  1. Freda says:

    btw, the hunt for condo-buying has officially began! Wish us luck!

  2. tomoko says:

    do they serve organic food and organic coffee?
    I wish starbucks carried organic coffee…

    oh, good luck cond-hunting!

  3. seat says:

    Hey hey, I am back! Updated everything in one go, so tired! English comment later ne~~

  4. Freda says:

    Welcome back seat! How’s the trip (besides eating ^^)?

  5. seat says:

    It was a good trip overall! At first I was a bit shocked that sea urchin was not the right season…but I had lots of crab instead so it turned out alright. ^^;;; Besides eating, there was not much to do really in Sapporo and Otaru. I have been there before once so I have seen all the sights – which are not many anyway. I went with a friend from Tokyo, whom went back on the 4th day. Then I met up with another friend who drew the cute maps. The maps were not gifts for me though, she just loves drawing. But most of her recommendations were cakes and parfaits…gosh, and we didn’t share the cakes and parfaits, we actually had one each in every shop! ^^;;; The people in Hokkaido are much more friendly than Tokyo. The last two days I was travelling alone, and I chatted a bit with an old couple in the sushi place, told them I came to Sapporo to eat seafood. They were just starting their driving trip around Hokkaido and the grandpa actually invited me to go along with them! He was not joking, and told me to change my plane ticket! ^^;;; But of course I couldn’t…work came up during the conference and I actually have to work this week. Oh when I was really stuffed – I get stuffed more quickly when I eat alone I just realized – and I really had nowhere to go, to kill time I went to see two movies in a row! ^^;;; I saw Charlie and Sin City. You are so right, Johnny Depp is so awkward in it!! But he is so beautiful with the makeup I couldn’t take my eyes off him! ^^;;;; Love the last scene of reunion with his dad too. But oh, I really hate the little men singing and dancing….the songs gave me goose pimple!! Are the singing in the book? Oh but I love the puppet welcome song when the kids entered the factory. I enjoyed Sin City very much too. Mickey Rourke is the big guy right? I like his line the most too! My god, Elijah Wood!! Sooooooo creepy~~!! I like! ^^;;;

  6. Freda says:

    That’s awesome, you should have just screw real life and go travel with them (hehe they might be boring travel companion…but those old couples, they probably know lots of good hidden spots normal “slick’ and ‘young’ source wouldn’t know!)

    So when’s the Urchin season? So Hokkaido has a huge “cake” scene too? ^^;; I think you feel more stuff when eat alone because you didn’t have a “conversation” with someone, which supposedly make you eat slower and digest faster. ^^;;

    Yeah in the Charlie-choco book, those little people sings too, but not in pop songs…they were supposed to be primitive “savage” so they sang in short whimsical songs, not full blown glittery genre musical stage show!

  7. seat says:

    Uni season is June til August, apparently.

    Oh, Joan, I went with a friend from the gourmet circle for the first 3 days(a GIRL friend ^^;), then for 1 day I met up with a friend from my school whom already graduated so I haven’t met her for ages.

    Damn, I got so fat. Must go on a diet – no talking-only this time!