November 11, 2005 2

Malo (Silver lake)

By in 05: Silver Lake + Echo Park

DSCN0122.jpgDSCN0127.jpgDSCN0126.jpgDSCN0114.jpgHad some drinks and food after work with a couple of co-workers. We went to Malo, a hip hang out place offers “creative” Mexican food. They used to have this Chocolate salsa sauce that tasted good and different, but seems like I’m among the few people who like it as it’s off from the menu. -__- We got the Tomatillo & Hass Avocados and Burnt Habanero and creme fraiche sauces for chips. I love the Habanero sauce very much and can’t stop eating it, even though it gets spicy. Most of us got the Ground beef, potato and pickle tacos because one of the guys keep raving about it. It’s pretty good but I wish there were more pickles. The Slow Roasted Carnitas Cola & Orange Juice is delicious! Can’t really taste the coke nor orange juice flavor though ^^;;

Good drinks: Rum and coke, Mojito and magarita.

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2 Responses to “Malo (Silver lake)”

  1. seat says:

    The surreal lightning!!!!!!
    How did you do that?!!!

  2. seat says:

    I saw Oldboy last night and I didn’t understand the revelation and I wonder if I missed something or it was supposed to be vague? It is so bugging me!
    What did the main guy do to the villain’s sister that the villain wanted revenge? Did the villain and his sister have an incest relationship???