December 13, 2005 4

Tina’s Wedding

By in 18: Greater LA

What an eventful month already, 2 weddings one week from another. First is Tina’s Wedding held at the Santa Anita Race Track which is very close to my parent’s house! I’ve lived there all these years but I never step in once so this is a good chance to check it out. At first I got a little worried as I arrived when passing through the ticket booth and elevator…seeing many ojisans in flip flops here and there. ^^;; I followed numorous signs that go on and on and began to think “where’re the guests?”. At last I arrived at an old luxurious room with open-view of the track and mountain. Wow! I wish I could see the view at daytime. The room made me felt like I was in a country club back in the 30s-40s. It’s funny that all the monitors have congradulation message to the couple on them.

The beautiful bar room with open bar and big cheese plate.

The lovely couple! Unfortunately that’s all the pictures I have >__<, very upsetting. Well…since Freda took the camera with her on her Mexico trip so I had to borrow my co-worker’s brand new camera to take pictures. I went to the bathroom while I was a little drunk and dizzy, and I accidently drop the camera in the toliet!!!! >O< I honestly couldn’t believe that it happened, I was even thinking “haha what if I drop it?” the seconds before! ^^;; So the camera got messed up for the rest of the night, I felt so upset and became dazed for a long while. It revived for a short moment and that’s when I took the last photo of the wedding couple. The water in the lens created a dreamy effect, quite romantic huh?! It’s such a pity because the dining room is really beautiful with high ceiling, giant mirrors and chandliers. The food are great and beautifully decorated. The biggest regret was that Janet Klein and her Parlor boys were performing there! Urgghhh, they put a fabulous performance as usual. I wish I could have capture all that. -__-

I bought a brand new camera to my co-worker and sent the mess up one (which is back to normal the next few days, except for the menu buttons) to the shop to restored, hopefully it’ll be ok since I’ll be stuck with it.

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4 Responses to “Tina’s Wedding”

  1. tomoko says:

    oops sorry about the camera ^^;

  2. seat says:

    Oh no…I am sorry about the camera!!
    Were you holding it in your hands when you went to the toilet?
    I dropped my mobile phone into the toilet once…-o-…
    Think on the bright side, now you have your own camera!

  3. RP says:

    Oh gosh, this “wahaha what if [insert stupid things] happen?” premonition happened to me a couple of times too, it’s like our mind is giving us a last SECOND warning. I am sorry about the camera… hope it gets fixed!

    Sounded like a fun wedding, Tina looked really happy ^__^

  4. Joan says:

    yeah I had the camera in my hand, I was putting on the shelf that’s behind the toliet. Then camera slipped off my hand and drop! It’s soo weird, I had my clutch in my hand as well but it didn’t drop, only the camera.

    haha yeah RP, is that kind of like an “intuition”? “hunch”?