December 14, 2005 6

Vero’s Wedding

By in 18: Greater LA

DSC07584.jpgDSC07593.jpgDSC07596.jpgDSC07594.jpgVeronica’s wedding a whole different experience. It’s held at the historic Wattle Mansion up on the Hollywood Hill. A spanish style mansion that’s positioned on a slope hill, so the front lawn has an amazing near-panoramic view of the LA city (where the ceremony took place), and behind the mansion you get a beautiful garden that goes up the hill! Check the website for better views of the mansion as my pictures don’t do the justice. I felt like in an old hollywood glam party!

The dining is out door by the garden. Each guest get this really cool Indonaisan mask. Red is the theme of the wedding, so the garden is lit up by reddish light. It gives a fiery festive mood to the party.

They got their friend who’s a comedian as the ordained minister, and he’s jewish so it became a jewish ceremony? ^^;; The guy (in pink shirt and baby blue suit) gave a very hilarious speech so the whole ceremony is charming and fun. I was one of the bridesmaids. It was quite scary to walk down the slope hill on my painful heels in front of so many people! Good thing no accident. Each layer of the cake is different flavor, I think it’s raspberry, chocolate and pistachio. I had the pistachio and it’s good!

The guestbook is done thoughtfully, each guest could take a polaroid and insert into the guestbook album next to their written message to the couple. The indonasian pens are so cute! As shown on the polaroids, the bridesmaids have to dress in red (match the theme).

The food is buffet style in another room. There are cheese, lamb chop, fish and duck. The duck is the BEST by far! They let people in to get food table by table so it took awhile to get to ours ^^;;; Unfortunately not much duck left~~~ Freda, who had the camera, was late to the wedding. She barely made to the ceremony. so she missed all the really good snacks during the reception. -__-;; I wish I could have pictures of them, there’s this Blue cheese + pear on cookie thing that’s absolutely delicious! There were also Tuna Tartar and curry shot, all tasted great.

DSC07647.jpgFlamenco dance performance, very nice! A very enjoyable and fun wedding party overall, it’s nice to see many of old classmates from ArtCenter as well.

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6 Responses to “Vero’s Wedding”

  1. tomoko says:

    looks like a really pretty wedding!
    you look so pretty too in the bridesmaid dress! ^0^

  2. seat says:

    Yeah you look so pretty!
    The bride is stunning and very sexy!!
    The mansion is so beautiful~~~outdoor weddings are guaranteed lovely experience.
    Poor…only a small piece of duck left…^^;;;
    One of my friends just told me she is getting married next year, argh~~~everyone is getting married~~~~

  3. tomoko says:

    >seat I know what you mean, eeeeveryone’s
    getting married!

  4. RP says:

    Whoa Vero’s gown is quite an eye-opener *0* And Joan you look really good in that photo 🙂 I am like living in Neverland in comparison with my peers, ah well!

  5. Joan says:

    Thanks! 🙂 It was kind of hard to find a red dress that’s not too sexy or slutty!

  6. tomoko says:

    >joan oh so did the bridesmaids each get their dresses on their own? that’s such a good idea!

    cuz I figure there’s no use for bridesmaid dresses after the wedding, but each bridesmaids have to pay for it themselves! plus you’re usually stuck with a design that someone else chose. ^_^