March 29, 2006 5

Sasabune (Brentwood)

By in 10: Beverly Hills

For our birthday, it’s sushi at Sasabune.:D Yan’s coworker is a friend of one of the sushi chef, so we got reserved seats at his end of the bar. There were 2 course to choose from, the American and Japanese…Yan forgot which one she ordered.

Started off with Albacore sashimi with citrus soy sauce, delicious~~
Cooked Butterfish.
My favorite of the night: salmon with seaweed kelp and scallop (melt in your mouth), my goodness so good! *O*
The course finished with Blue crab hand roll. By this time everyone is bursting full…but this is too good~

The fish are incredibly fresh and good. I had little choice though, didn’t get to have uni. Even the seaweed smell very good too. Charles paid for everyone, it was so generous of him, THANK YOU! At the door there’s a sign stated “Absolutely no spicy tuna roll” XD AWESOME!

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5 Responses to “Sasabune (Brentwood)”

  1. tomoko says:

    that’s awesome they don’t make spicy tuna roll

  2. seat says:

    What a coincidence that you had sushi too!!
    But the fish you had all seem so “fat”(meaning melty and heavenly)!! I love fatty fish~~!!
    The way they present the simple ice-mochi is so cute. You guys had a table right? Counter seats, so common in Japan sushi places, are the worst situation for photo-taking…

  3. Freda says:

    No california roll (I think it has a list of “We do NOT have rainbow roll, california roll, spicy tuna roll”) ^^;;; I wanna witness clueless American tried to order Rainbow roll and get told off by the chef. ^^;;
    Yeah the fish are so ‘fat’~~ so heavenly~ We sat on the counter seats. makes it really hard for our 6 people party to chat, every topic has to be repeated twice from one end to the other…^^;;; That’s why a lot of my pic were blurry too, it was hard to take photos (felt conscious of the chef right in front, plus bad lighting…)

  4. seat says:

    Maybe for sushi, we should just take 1 or 2 items as representatives…so busy and panicky taking every one of them…^^;;;

  5. sumo says:

    how much was stuff?
    is that mochi home made or the ones u find @ the supermarket 4$/6mochi box?