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Tantra (silver lake)

By in 05: Silver Lake + Echo Park

Sweet & sour potato salad, not sure how authentic is this but it’s yummy. My friend think it’s the best dish of the restaurant. The flavor can get a bit too strong as I keep eating, better to eat it with naan.
Forgot what my friend’s dish was, it’s chicken and I like it better than mine. I got the Lamb, the meat is a bit chewy and overcook. Both are pretty good, not amazing. I felt the sauce could have more subtle flavors. I wish I got the seafood dishes instead, as there aren’t many Indian places do seafood in LA, said my friend.
DSCN7629.jpgChocolate samosa. Basically a samosa with chocolate inside. A little plain. The giant wooden metal gates at the exterior always intrigued me whenever I drove by this place. Though I never gave it try because the idea of chi chi trendy Indian restaurant just doesn’t sit right with me. Due to a change of plan my friend and I end up here. The interior was even more chí chí and over-the-top than I expected. The bar/lounge area has very nice ambience and there were bollywood movies playing on screens. Overall the vibe is very un-silver lake-ish, it’s more like a West Hollywood place. Even the waitresses were those typical actress/model-wannabe Hollywood type too -__-;;; hmm….as I didn’t expect much from the food, they turn out alright, though it’s probably better to go there for the “bar/lounge” than for the food. So the search for a favorite Indian place continues…

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