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West Maui Pt.3 Best Banana Bread on the Planet

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DSC01367.jpgAccording to guidebook there’s this woman named Julia who makes the Best Banana Bread on Planet, at a remote tiny village up on the mountain. The state highway ends midway and soon the mountain road became one-lane only. I really don’t know what would happened if two giant Jeep faces each other. ^^;; It was scarier than the Hana Highway drive. We see villagers (a 8 year old looking boy actually) who live deep in the mountain driving golf carts.
The Banana Bread house is simply identified as the “the last green house at the end of the village.” A cyclist rode by us earlier (as cars had to drive in turtle speed) and we saw him eating their dried mango in the stand.
The Best Banana Bread on Planet was coined by the guidebook we got and the owner Julia put this as her sign. It smell sooooo heavenly, the right moisture and texture, indeed very good! (however I don’t eat enough to tell if it’s indeed the best on planet ^^;;)
Another stand in the village selling their homemade dried fruits. We bought the dried mango, Coconut Candy, and dried starfruits. Their pineapple jam is very good too!

Though I think the food hunt journey itself was more of the highlight.

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2 Responses to “West Maui Pt.3 Best Banana Bread on the Planet”

  1. seat says:

    The banana cake looks good! Almost like caramel cake. One of my friend’s mom made the best banana cake I ever had and apparently you need to wait for the bananas to go completely black so that they are super sweet.

    Is Maui a haven for druggies? ^^;;

    btw, not a pleasant question, what you did you do with toilets in places like this? ^^;;

  2. Freda says:

    toilet…you just have to hold it until getting back down to civilization ^^;;; Or beg the resident up there to let you into their home to use the bathroom (or I’d imagine some people would just find a remote spot in the wild and do their thing…).

    Yeah I think a lot of young well off bored upper middle class American kids like to do drugs in remote beach/mt. ‘paradise’ hideaway (like in ‘The Beach”), because drugs party there makes you free spirited, bohemian, so escaping mainstream conformity blah blah. ^^;; The town Pa’ia has a hippie vibe too with aged psychedelic art and Indian/Moroccan art, so the drug scene (if there’s one) would go back since 60s… The banana bread village’s location is perfect for that.