November 28, 2006 3

Usui (Little Tokyo)

By in 06: Downtown LA

DSC02258.jpgOn a busy night at Little Tokyo lorded by young student and trendy crowd, we found refuged at this nice hole-in-the-wall Japanese place. Their bento sets all looked surprisingly delicate and rich. All priced around $8 – $10. It seems to be opened by a couple, the husband operate the sushi counter, the wife (very friend) served and take order from table. The Japanese old ladies at another table were eating hot pot (looks good~)
This set has grilled fish and tempura. Everything taste flavored and unique.
This set has tofu. It feels like home here, I love it.

Usui: 343 E 1ST St. Los Angeles, CA 90012

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3 Responses to “Usui (Little Tokyo)”

  1. sillypants says:

    hey these are wonderful looking! thanks!

  2. seat says:

    Too cheap for the portion!!

  3. Freda says:

    I know…I’m so surprised by the quality and quantity~
    And it’s not tone down for American…they have many kinds of Japanese vegetable (can’t name them) that usually are too ‘weird’ and tend to get replaced by western salad in usual Japanese restaurant here.