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Cafe Beaujolais (Mendocino)

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The B&B owners recommended us the cal-french restaurant Cafe Beaujolais for gourmet fine dining. The B&B owner told us Cafe Beaujolais is THE restaurant that put Mendocino “on the map”, food-fame wise. All their ingredients are organic. I got the Braised Lamb Shank. Wow it’s incredibly delicious! The meat is very tender and the sauce in which the meat, carrots, onions and turnips braised in are so flavored and rich. The olive pate on the lamb compliments the flavor very well too.
Jon’s dish is the Braised Duck with huckleberry sauce, pepper and cabbage risotto and green beans. Everything compliments well with each other. The meat is tender and I love the huckleberry sauce. We had Cheesecake for desert and I think it’s the best cheesecake I’ve ever had! The texture is light and airy, perfect balance in the cheese flavor and sweetness. Love it!

Just read that their sturgeon is a famous “must order” dish…awww missed it…well could be a good excuse to go back to Mendocino. This concluded my Mendocino trip report.

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4 Responses to “Cafe Beaujolais (Mendocino)”

  1. seat says:

    Never heard of huckleberry! Looks good~
    Was it crowded with tourists?

  2. Jonathan says:

    No. It’s off season now. But I did see someone I knew from college.

  3. tigerfish says:

    Was surfing food blogs and found yours. I keep one too. Hey, the food looks soooo good!

  4. Jonah says:

    We had a great meal up here last summer. I had a salmon with blackberry sauce, mmmm. Unfortunately, we had a big lunch that day and couldn’t find room for dessert.