Trattoria Mikita (トラットリア・ミキータ)

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冷製のウニスパゲッティ。鴨胸肉のロースト シナモン風味。
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3 thoughts on “Trattoria Mikita (トラットリア・ミキータ)

  1. The desserts were rather quite good! But both of the uni pasta had no uni taste and the pasta was overcooked, and the duck was really quite hard and tasteless. Though it was quite an experience dining in this restaurant cos, the waitor was so rude that it was almost funny – he had a lovely habit of staring blankly at us for a full minute whenever we tried to ask something or request something, as if we were Martians talking in alien language. Then another waitor almost toppled my wine glass with his butt – luckily the glass was almost empty. The same big butt waitor also caught my bag and ripped it open twice. Then the ultimate comical happening of a huge huge HUGE cockroach with wings that gave incredibly loud noise, crawling on the wall and startling the four girls in the next table, who screamed rather heartily. Gosh, so much fun to write about when a restaurant is that bad, haha. ^^;;

  2. gosh was the place very cramped and tiny? ^^; Sound like restaurant experience from hell, that makes you too agitated and distracted from enjoying the food. My god, big obvious visible cockroach…poor… There’re so many desserts, the crepe roll one looks good. Are there 4 people? ^^;;;

  3. Yeah a very small restaurant and it was packed. Yeah there were 4 of us so we ordered most of the desserts in the menu and shared. The chef used to be a boxer apparently….

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