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小樽 巽(たつみ)鮨
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051009 094.jpgたらば蟹。ほっき。キンキ。会計は6000円ぐらい。

051009 099.jpg北菓楼 小樽本館

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051009 111.jpgジンギスカン だるま(札幌)

Last time I went to Hokkaido I tried crab sashimi for the first time and I was shocked how tasty it was! But you never see crab sashimi in Tokyo – the crab has to be super fresh you see. So this time since we were half giving up uni, we went hunting crab sashimi in Otaru. We went to a different sushi place first, my friend saw the show case and hinted to me “Let’s get out”. ^^;; So we were loitering along the “sushi restaurants street” and chose this place when it got late(lunch time) and we were really hungry. The uni was really bad, as expected, I wonder why we insisted ordering it…But oh my, the crab sashimi was really good~!! Better than the first time I had it. We tried tarabagani, the same kind of crab we had the previous night but this time raw, it was so good that I ordered one more later and the chef was so nice he gave me a big big piece. We also tried a different crab called zuwaigani, which was a little bitter but nice too. There was little piece of rice underneath the crab. We were very satisfied and went to have ice-cream again in 北菓楼 – which was definitely the best ice-cream I have ever had! So rich! I bought a lot of souvenirs(cookies, cakes etc.) in this shop too. The BBQ is Genghis Kan(成吉思汗), mutton barbecue, I have had it in Tokyo but it is more popular in Hokkaido. The lamb meat is not flavoured so it is just plain grill and dip sauce, but the meat is very tender and tasty and both my friend and I ordered a second round. The shop is super famous, always a long queue, but miraculously we went at the right moment that we didn’t have to queue. We shared the kimchi and the rice and were really stuffed. About 2000yen per person.

7 thoughts on “HOKKAIDO DAY 3

  1. かの有名な「だるま」!!

  2. やっぱり超有名店ですね。

  3. So is the soft icecream really good? (totally justify its Hokkaido fame? ^^:;;) gosh now I want sushi too.

    The grilled corn is so interesting, so colorful~
    Is that koreran hotpot at the end?

  4. The sushi looks amazing! Wow that BBQ corn…yummmy~~ I wanna try that so bad!

    Who did you go to Hokkaido with?

  5. I think the closest to crab sashimi I had was those raw spicy crab at Korean restaurant, and if fresh it must be really really good! Wow~ Though it might be a little ‘waste’ because cooked crab has this unique flavor you know~~

    Can’t believe that normal soft icecream cone is really that good…haha! Wow I never try Genghis kan BBQ before~~~

  6. Actually, I am not a big fan of that unique flavour of cooked crab, that’s why I prefer raw ones. ^^;; Just like scallop, I prefer it raw, which is sweet, rather that cooked, cos cooked ones have this distinct taste, which I don’t hate but certainly not a fan of.

  7. Ah same for me for scallop, I had an aversion toward the cooked flavor of scallop…/__\

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